Speaking Engagements

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The Word Wise Ministry’s mission is to prepare the devout Christian to engage and save the victims of the secular culture.  The ministry exposes the lies and false teachings, deceptions, and debunks myths fostered by the culture.  Word Wise ministry encourages listeners to band together and work to Connect People to Jesus.  Sometimes a personal appearance adds the element needed to propel people to action. 

For this reason, the Word Wise Host, Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Porter accepts a limited number of speaking engagements.  If your organization or group would like an expanded discussion of a particular topic on our website or on his book, The Slavery of Christian Freedom contact us at:  revarthurporter@thewordwise.org.  Please include pertinent details of your request including:  topic to be addressed, date, time, place, type of venue, requesting entity (such as church, religious organization, social club, business group, etc.)